Count’s Apartments (basic tour)

The tour includes the Ancestral Hall, three music rooms, Blue Salon with a picture gallery, Countess’ study, Gold Salon, dining room, Count’s study, Ballroom, Chinese Cabinet, Count’s bedroom and the Sala Terrena with Roman baths on the ground floor. Most of the roos are furnished in High Baroque style.

View to the vault in the main hall

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 7.-31. 8. tue–sun 9.00 – 17.00
1. 9.-30. 9. tue–sun 9.00 – 16.00
1. 10.-31. 10. sat–sun 9.00 – 15.00


Czech guide tour
  • Adults 25 up to 64 years 180 CZK
  • Seniors 65+ 140 CZK
  • Youth 18 up to 24 years 140 CZK
  • Persons with disabilities with valid identification card/certificate 140 CZK
  • Children 6 up to 17 years 50 CZK
  • Children under 5 years free
  • Person accompanying a disabled person free
  • Person accompanying a school group of 15 pupils/students free
  • Guide accompanying a group of at least 15 persons free
  • "MK ČR" card * free
  • ICOMOS card * free
  • Seasonal NPÚ ticket free
  • Single NPÚ tickets free
  • NPÚ card free
  • "Náš člověk" card * free
  • * Valid only for one person (card holder)
Foreign language tours are offered with the text
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Other tours

The tour includes a reception room, dining room, nursery, gentleman’s room, lady’s room, portrait gallery, preparation room and kitchen. A seasonal exhibition on dining is installed in the rooms. Route B is accompanied daily by a theme exhibition.

this tour is available today 9.00 – 17.00

4F17A2ED-8B52-4F67-8D80-EE0130BE50BE 140 CZK (full admission)

71B5B7E7-ACEA-4214-84EB-20FF073CEC43 duration 25 minutes

94D4AB38-6EA4-4B19-9C7F-17B845D49188 max. 25 people

Group reservation not necessary

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The exhibition of antique toys is without a guide. You can see antique dolls with their suitcases and travel accessories, teddy bears, prams, model rooms, model kitchens, steam engines, building sets, model trains and others. There are a total of over 200 exhibits.

this tour is available today 9.00 – 17.00

4F17A2ED-8B52-4F67-8D80-EE0130BE50BE 80 CZK (full admission)

71B5B7E7-ACEA-4214-84EB-20FF073CEC43 duration 20 minutes

94D4AB38-6EA4-4B19-9C7F-17B845D49188 max. 10 people

Group reservation not necessary

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